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Помощь Vortex of Terror FAQ

Тема в разделе 'FAQ об акциях', создана пользователем Петра, 10 Октябрь 2019 в 10:31.

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  1. Петра

    Петра Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Vortex of Terror FAQ

    General information
    Nyx is back and she thinks she has an idea how to pin down the enemies who are eradicating humanity. A journey that will not only take pilots into the Vortex of Terror but will also uncover the shadowy past of human history.
    Are you ready to take on these thrilling missions, help uncover more data, battle in the Vortex of Terror for clues and destroy the alien threat? We bet you are, pilot! Take flight and earn outstanding rewards, including rare level 4 P.E.T protocols, valuable items and stunning drone designs!
    The event will be a refresh of last year’s Vortex of Terror event (Vortex of Terror - V2 — FAQ) with the following changes (marked in green):
    Ammo / Drone Boxes
    VoT Box 1 (no change)
    VoT Box 2

    ItemAmount Chances
    VoT Box 3 (no change)
    Drone Design Box (Dropped by Demon Drones)

    Green Bat15%
    Green Skull15%
    Green Reaper15%
    Red Bat13%
    Red Skull13%
    Red Reaper13%
    Blue Bat12%
    Blue Skull12%
    Blue Reaper12%
    New Curcubitor Boxes
    When the Curcubitor event runs, Curcubitor NPCs are spawning on the X-2 to X-8 maps and they will increase in difficulty and drop rewards depending on where they spawn.
    Kill Curcubitors to spawn the Boss Curcubitor! On death, the Curcubitor drops a trick or a treat.
    If Trick, the Curcubitor drops a mine with 20% (of players’ hull) damage after 2 seconds. If Treat, the NPC drops a reward box with random rewards.
    The Treat rewards in the Curcubitor box will be a certain amount of Candy Corn with a 100% chance and additionally one of the rewards below:
    Curcubitor Box
    ContentDrop chance
    R-31010 %
    PLT-202610 %
    ECO-108 %
    MCB-5015 %
    JOB-10016 %
    Xenomit15 %
    Extra Energy5 %
    SAR-028 %
    PLD-88 %
    PET Fuel5 %
    After having killed a special amount of Curcubitors during a special countdown, 5 Boss Curcubitor will spawn on the map. You have 30 minutes from the initial Boss Curcubitors spawn time to kill all 5 bosses. If the 30 minutes are up, all unkilled Curcubitor Bosses will disappear.
    On death, the Boss Curcubitor will drop 5 boxes to the top 5 damage dealers. The reward for these players will be a certain amount of Candy Corns with a 100% chance. In addition, the boxes contain the following rewards:
    ContentDrop chance
    Uridium20 %
    UCB-1005 %
    Log Disks3 %
    SR-512 %
    DCR-25012 %
    PLT-202120 %
    Extra Energy6 %
    SAR-0215 %
    PLD-87 %
    Please note that the Curcubitor box as well as the Boss Curcubitor box won’t be affected by any booster bonuses.
    The Candy Corns can be used for crafting recipes. All Candy Corn stocks will be removed 24 hours after the event ends.
    Objectives & Battle Pass
    When the event starts, there are also objectives that are available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards and completing them with the Battle Pass even gives you better rewards.
    Together with the objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives. The objectives as well as the original rewards and the “Battle Pass” rewards can be found in the event window “Objectives”.
    New event recipes
    There are some new event recipes which can be crafted during the event.
    ExtrasSPC-SL01110,000 Candy CornMultiple times
    ExtrasDMG-NPC01120,000 Candy CornMultiple times
    ExtrasHP-A0115,000 Candy CornMultiple times
    Ships/ DesignsBerserker Ship Design120,000 Candy CornOnce
    New Ship: Berserker
    A new ship is available as a reward in the objectives as well as in the payment section: The Berserker!
    Ship information
    · HP: 400,000
    · Nanohull: 400,000
    · Speed: 260
    · Laser Slots: 5
    · Generator Slots: 16
    · Special Slots: 3
    · Rocket Launchers: 1
    · Ship Modules Slots: 3
    · Cargo Space: 1,500
    Skill: Shield Link
    Creates a link between you and a targeted ship for 60 seconds. While linked, damage dealt to the target's shields is dealt to your own ship instead.
    - New target can be any target – NPC, Player / P.E.T.
    - Duration: 60 sec
    - Cooldown: 10 sec
    - This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX
    Skill: Berserk
    For 30 seconds, laser damage is increased by the percentage of HP lost.
    - New target can be NPC/Player/P.E.T
    - Duration: 30 sec
    - Cooldown: 60 sec
    - Damage done by Berserker’s lasers gets a bonus based on the percentage of HP left on Berserker.
    - This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX
    Skill: Revenge
    Reflects all damage dealt to Berserker directly back to enemy for 6 seconds.
    - New target can be NPC/Player/P.E.T
    - Duration: 6 sec
    - Cooldown: 180 sec
    - Revenge damage cannot be Shield linked or reflected away by Revenge.
    - This skill can be interrupted by JAMX effect and the player can also be prevented from using the skill by a JAMX
    New ship upgrade modules
    During the Vortex of Terror, it’s possible to get some of the new ship upgrades. You can either craft them in the Assembly or get them as rewards in the Battle Pass Objectives. The following modules are given out:
    SPC-SL01Special+ 5% Rocket Accuracy
    + 5% Laser Accuracy
    -5% Shield
    Sentinel Solace200,000 Credits
    SHD-SL1Shield+ 10% Shield
    -5% HP
    200,000 Credits
    DMG-NPC01Damage+ 5% NPC DamageSentinel
    HP-A01HP+5% HPAegis
    Abdurachman, °SSS.83°, ~Exclusive~ и 3 других отметили, что им это нравится.
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